Klaus Weidenbach
Irritating times
Interesting expressions "expressed their displeasure", "the US was annoyed".

DW.DE: US irritated by German response to spying scandal | News | DW.DE | 11.07.2014

US officials have expressed their displeasure a day after Germany expelled the CIA chief in Berlin amid a new spying scandal. Earlier, Germany's foreign minister called for a renewal of ties based "on mutual respect."
Interesting insights in the state of mind of intelligence agencies:
"Allies with sophisticated intelligence agencies like the United States and Germany understand with some degree of detail exactly what those intelligence relationships and activities entail," Earnest told a White House briefing on Friday.
"Any differences that we have are most effectively resolved through established private channels, not through the media," he added.
Meanwhile, Mike Rogers, chairman of the US House of Representatives intelligence committee accused Germany of throwing a "temper tantrum." Rogers told US news broadcaster CNN that US information had "saved German lives" and that Berlin was avoiding an "adult conversation" on the issue.
If they saved German lives by spying the german government I think the german public has a right to know more details. o_O