Klaus Weidenbach
DAPI? (Dovecot REST API)

Dovecot: Dovecot launches a Gmail API compatible REST API to enable third-party developers to join its global email ecosystem | The world's most popular IMAP server!

Open-source IMAP server with 57% world market share announces the its support of the next generation email-integrated applications  HELSINKI, Finland, July 23, 2014 – Dovecot OY, developer of the #1leading open source IMAP server software, has announced the release of a new REST API which will help third-party developers to more closely integrat...

Dovecot: Dovecot REST API FAQ | The world's most popular IMAP server!

1.What benefits will the Dovecot REST API bring to Developers? The Dovecot REST API helps developers to create, access, modify, list and send Emails including threads, tags and attachments programmatically out of their applications. The rights what the 3rd party apps are allowed to do, are controlled by the owner of the Email account, the User. 2. ...