Myrddin Lailoken (experimental) to Friendica Support via Wall-To-Wall:
5 years ago
Write a posting with Opera
Some Days ago i switched from Firefox to Opera. Friendica runs so much smoother with Opera. But I have a big problem with the typing of new posts. Each character that I type will have a delay of 1/2 second until it reaches the screen. When I write fast I have to wait many seconds before I see the result. When I mistype, I have to wait everythin is updated. When writing comments i have not the problem.
Testet with Diabook and Dispy theme.

Does anyone know the problem?
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tommy tomson
5 years ago
hab irgendwo mal gelesen des ff.exe mit wine schneller sein soll als ff unter linux ^^
Myrddin Lailoken
5 years ago
Ach das geht noch langsamer! ;-)