Klaus Weidenbach
Picture upload problems
Oh damn, so late again. :-( Actually I wanted to fix my picture uploading problems in ~friendica ~friendica, but now I wrote so long on the log of the parent's meeting in kindergarten today. At least that is finished tonight. ;-)

Did someone else had such problems uploading pictures to ~friendica ~friendica and has a guess what to try?
mod/photos.php: photos_post(): album=  newalbum=
photos: upload: received file: mememe01.png as /tmp/phpopZEel 28065 bytes
mod/photos.php: photos_post(): loading the contents of /tmp/phpopZEel
mod/photos.php: photos_post(): unable to process image
So far I just know, that the webserver has write permission to the photos folder and SELinux is also not the problem.
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Klaus Weidenbach
Thanks for these hints. I will check them when I am home this evening.
Klaus Weidenbach
Thank you very much @Mike I have found the problem. Was again a configuration mistake on my side. :-/ After I used the js_upload plugin I got an error message in the httpd error log finally that pointed me to the problem. I forgot to allow /tmp in my open_basedir configuration.