Config values that can only be set in .htconfig.php

There are some config values that haven't found their way into the administration page.
This has several reasons.
Maybe they are part of a current development that isn't considered stable and will be added later in the administration page when it is considered safe.
Or it triggers something that isn't expected to be of public interest. Or it is for testing purposes only.

Attention: Please be warned that you shouldn't use one of these values without the knowledge what it could trigger.
Especially don't do that with undocumented values.

The header of the section describes the category, the value is the parameter.
Example: To set the directory value please add this line to your .htconfig.php:

$a->config['system']['directory'] = '';






Administrator Options

Enabling the admin panel for an account, and thus making the account holder admin of the node, is done by setting the variable

$a->config['admin_email'] = "";

Where you have to match the email address used for the account with the one you enter to the .htconfig file.
If more then one account should be able to access the admin panel, seperate the email addresses with a comma.

$a->config['admin_email'] = ",";

If you want to have a more personalized closing line for the notification emails you can set a variable for the admin_name.

$a->config['admin_name'] = "Marvin";