Noch ein Projekt, basierend auf den #OpenStreetMap Daten. Ich persönlich würde ja eine Guinnes Karte sinnvoller finden 😉


Diese Karte stellt alle auf OpenStreetMap eingetragenen Orte, in denen man Club-Mate käuflich erwerben kann, dar. Die in der Karte verwendeten Symbole haben die folgende Bedeutung: Es gibt hier Club-Mate. Da OpenStreetMap ein Projekt ist, bei dem jeder mitmachen kann, ist es natürlich auch möglich, weitere Punkte, an denen Cub-Mate gekauft werde...
OpenStreetMap ascii
Auch ein interessantes Projekt mit den #OpenStreetMap Daten, eine Karte in der Konsole.

asciinema: MapSCII - the whole world in your console! (rastapasta)

#osm #ascii #konsole
Und noch eine Anwendung auf Grundlage der OpenStreetMap Daten. - Hier findet man Vegetarisches und Veganes

Auf findest du alle in OpenStreetMap eingetragenen veganen und vegetarischen Restaurants, Eisdielen, Cafes etc. Benutze einfach das Suchfeld um nach deinem Ort oder deiner Straße zu suchen. Alle großen grünen Icons sind Lokalitäten in denen es vegane Optionen gibt. Icons die nicht grün sind, bieten vegetarische aber keine vegane...
#osm #vegan #vegetarisch #openstreetmap
Noch eine interessante Anwendung auf Grundlage der OpenStreetMap Daten. Eine Karte zum suchen und finden Rollstuhlgerechter Orte. ist eine Onlinekarte zum Finden, Suchen und Markieren von rollstuhlgerechten Orten. Mach mit, indem du z.B. Bars, Restaurants, Kinos und Supermärkte markierst!
#osm #openstreetmap #wheelchair #rollstuhl
Das OpenStreetMap Projekt ist schon spannend, hier mal eine Unterkunftskarte, filterbar nach Campingplätze, Hotels, Hostels, Ferienwohnungen, Pensionen, Motels und Wohnwagenstellplätzen.

Unterkunftskarte - Hotels, Campingplätze, Ferienwohnungen und Pensionen auf einer Karte

Auf der Unterkunftskarte finden Sie Unterkünfte auf einer Karte. Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten für Ferien, Urlaub und Montage. Die Daten für die Unterkünfte kommen aus der Openstreetmap...
#osm #openstreetmap #karte
@Wandern und Trekking @OpenStreetMap
Habe ich gerade gefunden, finde ich ziemlich cool.


Shared bikes availability in your city
#osm #map #bike #fahrrad
#OpenStreetMap : the Next Truly Indispensable Open Project (Glyn Moody)
#osm @OpenStreetMap @Floss People

OpenStreetMap: the Next Truly Indispensable Open Project

Last year, I described OpenStreetMap (OSM) as the "open source of maps". On the occasion of the project's tenth anniversary, I'd like to explore this important example of open collaboration in a little more detail, and explain why I think it is destined to become the next absolutely key open project.
Roelf Renkema
Been using OSM for years now, There is an overwhelming choice of apps in the playstore of which I favor Locus for my navigation. Though often used in the background, you would not want OSM to shutdown, its key position was gained years ago.
I suggest to use #fdroid instead of the playstore
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Yesterday I proudly recorded my first gpx track of a walk missing in @OpenStreetMap Just to learn that I cannot just upload it to be added to the general map. :( I'll have to find out how to draw it or whatever...
Dear other @OpenStreetMap folks! Belfast needs our love. #openstreetmap
Rafael Maria R.
Why the World Needs OpenStreetMap

Why the world needs OpenStreetMap -

Every time I tell someone about OpenStreetMap, they inevitably ask
“Why not use Google Maps?”. From a practical standpoint, it’s a …

Auszug: "With all these companies, why do we need a project like OpenStreetMap? The answer is simply that as a society, no one company should have a monopoly on place, just as no one company had a monopoly on time in the 1800s. Place is a shared resource, and when you give all that power to a single entity, you are giving them the power not only to tell you about your location, but to shape it. In summary, there are three concerns- who decides what gets shown on the map, who decides where you are and where you should go, and personal privacy."
Klaus Weidenbach
An interesting research about where volunteers work and comparison of contributions in different areas.

MDPI: Comparison of Volunteered Geographic Information Data Contributions and Community Development for Selected World Regions (Pascal Neis)

Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) projects and their crowdsourced data have been the focus of a number of scientific analyses and investigations in recent years. Oftentimes the results show that the collaboratively collected geodata of one of the most popular VGI projects, OpenStreetMap (OSM), provides good coverage in urban areas when considering particular completeness factors. However, results can potentially vary significantly for different world regions. In this article, we conduct an analysis to determine similarities and differences in data contributions and community development in OSM between 12 selected urban areas of the world. Our findings showed significantly different results in data collection efforts and local OSM community sizes. European cities provide quantitatively larger amounts of geodata and number of contributors in OSM, resulting in a better representation of the real world in the dataset. Although the number of volunteers does not necessarily correlate with the general population density of the urban areas, similarities could be detected while comparing the percentage of different contributor groups and the number of changes they made to the OSM project. Further analyses show that socio-economic factors, such as income, can have an impact on the number of active contributors and the data provided in the analyzed areas. Furthermore, the results showed significant data contributions by members whose main territory of interest lies more than one thousand kilometers from the tested areas.
Klaus Weidenbach
New online map editor

Openstreetmap: OpenStreetMap launches all-new easy map editor and announces funding appeal | OpenStreetMap Blog (OpenStreetMap)

OpenStreetMap, the user-created map used by many of the biggest sites on the web, has today unveiled an entirely new editor that makes it easier to contribute than ever before. The new editor, codenamed ‘iD’, boasts an intuitive interface and clear walk-throughs that make editing much easier for new mappers. By lowering the barrier to contribut...

And the source is available at GitHub:

GitHub: iD

iD - The easy-to-use OpenStreetMap editor in JavaScript.
Klaus Weidenbach
OpenStreetMap Usage in Jakarta Flood Response
Nice to see what more and more important role data from OpenStreetMap is playing.

Openstreetmap: OpenStreetMap Usage in Jakarta Flood Response | Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Days of rain in Jakarta and surrounding areas have caused massive flooding in the region. Today (Friday) the flooding has eased somewhat but thousands of people remain displaced and 11 people have died. A state of emergency has been called until January 27th for Indonesia's capital city. For the majority of this emergency the HOT team has actually ...
Klaus Weidenbach
Tracking in North Sumatra
Collected so many GPS tracks and POIs in north Sumatra in the last days. Can't wait start mapping after holidays with JOSM.
Klaus Weidenbach
New aerial images
165TB new aerial images for Bing. That is quite impressive. Until now they had only 129TB. Was already surprised yesterday that there were more high resolution images when mapping @OpenStreetMap.

Bing 165TB of New Imagery Added to Bing Maps - Bing Maps Blog -

Today we’re thrilled to announce the publication of our largest satellite release to date. In fact, this release is larger than all of our past Aerial releases combined!...
Klaus Weidenbach
Some detail work at GBK stadion in Jakarta.


Klaus Weidenbach
Mapping OSM is pure relaxation for me. ;-)
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