Table user

Field Description Type Null Key Default Extra
uid sequential ID int(11) NO PRI NULL auto_increment
guid A unique identifier for this user varchar(64) NO
username Name that this user is known by varchar(255) NO
password encrypted password varchar(255) NO
nickname nick- and user name varchar(255) NO MUL
email the users email address varchar(255) NO
openid varchar(255) NO
timezone PHP-legal timezone varchar(128) NO
language default language varchar(32) NO en
register_date timestamp of registration datetime NO 0001-01-01 00:00:00
login_date timestamp of last login datetime NO 0001-01-01 00:00:00
default-location Default for item.location varchar(255) NO
allow_location 1 allows to display the location tinyint(1) NO 0
theme user theme preference varchar(255) NO
pubkey RSA public key 4096 bit text NO NULL
prvkey RSA private key 4096 bit text NO NULL
spubkey text NO NULL
sprvkey text NO NULL
verified user is verified through email tinyint(1) unsigned NO 0
blocked 1 for user is blocked tinyint(1) unsigned NO 0
blockwall Prohibit contacts to post to the profile page of the user tinyint(1) unsigned NO 0
hidewall Hide profile details from unkown viewers tinyint(1) unsigned NO 0
blocktags Prohibit contacts to tag the post of this user tinyint(1) unsigned NO 0
unkmail Permit unknown people to send private mails to this user tinyint(1) NO 0
cntunkmail int(11) NO 10
notify-flags email notification options int(11) unsigned NO 65535
page-flags page/profile type int(11) unsigned NO 0
prvnets tinyint(1) NO 0
pwdreset varchar(255) NO
maxreq int(11) NO 10
expire int(11) unsigned NO 0
account_removed if 1 the account is removed tinyint(1) NO 0
account_expired tinyint(1) NO 0
account_expires_on timestamp when account expires and will be deleted datetime NO 0001-01-01 00:00:00
expire_notification_sent timestamp of last warning of account expiration datetime NO 0001-01-01 00:00:00
service_class service class for this account, determines what if any limits/restrictions are in place varchar(32) NO
def_gid int(11) NO 0
allow_cid default permission for this user mediumtext NO NULL
allow_gid default permission for this user mediumtext NO NULL
deny_cid default permission for this user mediumtext NO NULL
deny_gid default permission for this user mediumtext NO NULL
openidserver text NO NULL
* page-flags
define ( 'PAGE_NORMAL',            0 );
define ( 'PAGE_SOAPBOX',           1 );
define ( 'PAGE_COMMUNITY',         2 );
define ( 'PAGE_FREELOVE',          3 );
define ( 'PAGE_BLOG',              4 );
define ( 'PAGE_PRVGROUP',          5 );

* notify-flags
define ( 'NOTIFY_INTRO',    0x0001 );
define ( 'NOTIFY_CONFIRM',  0x0002 );
define ( 'NOTIFY_WALL',     0x0004 );
define ( 'NOTIFY_COMMENT',  0x0008 );
define ( 'NOTIFY_MAIL',     0x0010 );
define ( 'NOTIFY_SUGGEST',  0x0020 );
define ( 'NOTIFY_PROFILE',  0x0040 );
define ( 'NOTIFY_TAGSELF',  0x0080 );
define ( 'NOTIFY_TAGSHARE', 0x0100 );
define ( 'NOTIFY_POKE',     0x0200 );
define ( 'NOTIFY_SHARE',    0x0400 );

define ( 'NOTIFY_SYSTEM',   0x8000 );

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