Klaus Weidenbach
1 week ago (2015-01-22 16:23:19) from Red Matrix
I love FLUIDTEMPLATE's new partialRootPaths and layoutRootPaths since TYPO3 CMS 6.2. I just forget EVERY time the reversed order of them. ;-)
Klaus Weidenbach
2 weeks ago (2015-01-19 20:21:55) from Red Matrix
OGS Elternbeiträge Deckelung aufgehoben
WTF?!? :facepalm

Bonn: Stadt Bonn - Deckelung der OGS-Elternbeiträge ist aufgehoben
Bis maximal 170 Euro pro Monat und pro Kind können die Eltern künftig zu den Kosten der Offenen Ganztagsschulen herangezogen werden. Dies geht aus einem Runderlass hervor, den die Landesregierung heute herausgegeben hat.

:headbang :headbang :headbang
Oberbürgermeister Jürgen Nimptsch wrote:
„Endlich! Dafür haben wir uns seit langem eingesetzt. Das hilft uns in der Debatte vor Ort erst einmal. Wir werden jetzt in Ruhe ausrechnen, was genau diese Änderung für die Stadt, die Träger und die Eltern bedeuten kann.“
Bedeuten tut es, dass Kindergarten und Schule der grösste monatliche Ausgabenposten bald sind. :-!
Klaus Weidenbach
2 weeks ago (2015-01-18 17:16:19) from Red Matrix
Personal Finance Manager
Since yesterday I am looking on some personal finance manager tools for Linux. I need to track bit more in which areas we spent our money. I cannot believe that the 2nd biggest asset after living costs is kindergarten and all the fees and bills we have to pay for our kids. o_O The spreadsheet I started two weeks ago is not working well for this, so I am looking for a better solution. I have worked with #KMyMoney for some time before, but 8-10 years ago. On my current distribution I also found #HomeBank and #Skrooge what I have heard much about in the last time.

HomeBank is a simple program with most features you would expect, but it just feels too alien on my KDE desktop. Also the imports are just the basic ones.

Skrooge is bit more powerful and also integrates into my desktop much better. Interesting dashboard and nice looking. It has quite many imports and also a KMyMoney import. Had some crashes and I was missing a feature to import my transactions directly from my bank.

KMyMoney I already used several years ago. It is still the most powerful tool from the ones that I looked at and the only one with HBCI to directly download my bank transactions from the bank. Because I used it before the usage felt directly common and also the only one to import my bank transactions. I think I will go with KMyMoney again.

Last night I also played a bit with Android's GnuCash on my Jolla phone. I think I can use this to track my cash expenses on the go and import them later to KMyMoney. But this workflow I need to test bit more, especially how to map accounts and categories between these two.

What tools do you use? Any other recommendations or workflows?
Klaus Weidenbach
2 months ago (2014-12-10 00:13:47) from Red Matrix

Infoworld: The beginning of the end of the private mail server (Paul Venezia)

Thanks to overzealous filtering by mail relays, the small mail server is becoming an endangered species
Klaus Weidenbach
2 months ago (2014-12-09 00:07:22) from Red Matrix
Why Jolla reaches it's crowd funding tablet goal, but #Vivaldi and #Improv failed. :confused

IndieGoGo: Jolla Tablet - world's first crowdsourced tablet

Be a part of making the world’s first people powered tablet, running Sailfish OS 2.0.
Arthur Schiwon
2 months ago (2014-12-09 00:26:34) from Diaspora
Well, Jolla has a far better funding, a lot of in-depth know-how in many areas and really a lot of excellenct people, next to software that has gone many cycles before.
Klaus Weidenbach
2 months ago (2014-11-21 22:00:19) from Red Matrix
Let's Encrypt
Letsencrypt: Technology

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).
Could not find statements of the "established" CAs yet.
Klaus Weidenbach
3 months ago (2014-10-30 21:06:03) from Red Matrix
Oh I like these modifications.

Bgu: How to leak sensitive data from an isolated computer (air-gap) to a near by mobile phone - AirHopper | Cyber Security Labs @ Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Submitted by Cyber Security ... on Tue, 28/10/2014 - 09:22 Security researcher Mordechai Guri with the guidance of Prof. Yuval Elovici from the cyber security labs at Ben-Gurion University in Israel presented at MALCON 2014 a breakthrough method (“AirHopper) for leaking data from an isolated computer to a mobile phone without the presence of a ne...
Klaus Weidenbach
3 months ago (2014-10-21 19:56:10) from Red Matrix
"Das geht gar nicht"
ääääääääääääääääääääääähhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!?!?!?!?!? o_O :shrug o_O :shrug
Heise: NSA-Skandal: US-Unternehmen dürfen in Deutschland überwachen

Dutzenden US-Unternehmen hat das Auswärtige Amt erlaubt, in Deutschland Netzwerke nachrichtendienstlich zu analysieren. Damit wurden die der US-Armee gleichgestellt und helfen offenbar mit Vorarbeit zum US-Drohnenkrieg.
:headbang :headbang :headbang

Ich glaub ich brauch jetzt erst mal eine Woche ohne Internet.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-19 07:18:33) from Red Matrix
Encryption Browser Extensions?
If you need a browser extension so you can use PGP in a webmailer, why not get IMAP and use your mail program? o_O

Kolab: Our Wish List for Encryption Browser Extensions | Kolab.org Community
PGP encryption is one of the most frequently requested features for Roundcube and for good reasons more and more people start caring about end-to-end encryption in their everyday communication. But unfortunately webmail applications currently can’t fully participate in this game and doing PGP encryption right in web-based applications isn’t a s...
How did people read their emails before there was a browser and webmailer?
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-14 14:54:01) from Red Matrix
Webaim: WAVE Web Accessibility Tool
WAVE is developed and made available as a free community service by WebAIM. Originally launched in 2001, WAVE has been used to evaluate the accessibility of millions of web pages.
4 months ago (2014-10-14 14:59:44) from open socialverse
tested it with a couple of URLs but the result was always "Forbidden"
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-13 19:36:16) from Red Matrix
DW.DE: German Book Trade Peace Prize for virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier | News | DW.DE | 12.10.2014

American Jaron Lanier, who is heralded as one of the pioneers of virtual reality, has received one of Germany's most prestigious publishing prizes. The ceremony took place on the last day of the Frankfurt Book Fair.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-12 17:07:43) from Red Matrix
Pay per WTF :-)
BBC News: Comedy club charges 'per laugh'
A Spanish comedy club is experimenting with a charge-per-laugh scheme using facial recognition software to monitor each member of the audience.

YouTube: PAY PER LAUGH -The CYRANOS McCANN Woldgroup Europe Barcelona Cannes Lions 2014 Winner (Brand Buffet)
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-11 23:11:44) from Red Matrix
It's not a bug
Webhistory: WWW-Talk Jan-Mar 1994: Indented < MENU>s
It's not a bug -- it's a rendering choice made by the browser. As we kneel before the altar of the "ha ha, you can't control what your documents look like in HTML" philosophy, you, dear sinner (nay, blasphemer), can but take solace in the fact that Mosaic is putting a blank line at the start of all toplevel lists, including yours, entirely on purpo...

That was a link from an article at heise.de about 20 years Cascading Stylesheets.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-10 19:01:09) from Red Matrix
Onkel Gernot erklärt die Kinderrechte
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-09 21:12:30) from Red Matrix
How to make a computer
My daughter turns 6 next month. I think I found the perfect present for her (and me) :-D

Kano: Kano - How to make a computer
Kano creates simple, fun computer kits that anyone can make – perfect for kids of all ages.

YouTube: HOW TO MAKE A COMPUTER – Kano (TeamKano)
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-09 20:01:22) from Red Matrix
Relationship Status Moderates Men’s Conspicuous Consumption of Smartphones
I am married, so it tells nothing about me and my Jolla? :-/

Hbesj: Relationship Status Moderates Men’s Conspicuous Consumption of Smartphones
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-09 19:55:33) from Red Matrix
Immerhin schon mal ein Broadcast.

Heise: Nanosatelliten umgehen Internet-Zensur (Ben Schwan)
Das Outernet-Projekt will kostengünstige Erdtrabanten ins All schießen, über die dann in alle Welt freie Inhalte gesendet werden. Mit dabei ist auch ein deutscher Sender.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-08 20:03:40) from Red Matrix
Inherent Availability
Failures happen, we don't need to talk about that, so it is all about how quick you recover.

How quick you recover with cloned identities in a decentralised network? ;-)
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-08 19:34:56) from Red Matrix
12factor: The Twelve-Factor App
A methodology for building modern, scalable, maintainable software-as-a-service apps.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-07 21:09:19) from Red Matrix
Heise: Neue europäische Kampagne gegen TTIP und CETA
Die EU-Kommission hat eine Europäische Bürgerinitiative gegen die transatlantischen Handelsabkommen TTIP und CETA nicht zugelassen. Das Bündnis Stop TTIP will die erforderliche eine Million Unterschriften nun selbst sammeln.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-06 12:04:00) from Red Matrix
Some really nice material on this site and a good license.

Dototot: Dototot - Digital Media Production Studio

Dototot is a creative media company and think tank specializing in educational material. The contents of this website are licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-04 11:26:32) from Red Matrix
After two days finished painting another bench for kindergarten. Hope it will get dry before the rain they announced for tomorrow.

Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-03 22:24:55) from Red Matrix
The unofficial in-place upgrade from CentOS5 to 6 felt much easier than the beta-official in-place upgrade from CentOS6 to 7. :-!
At least all sites look to be up again. SELinux still complains a bit, but it should be under control. This upgrade was quite a PITA and still some tasks to do. Really need to get the containers ready.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-03 17:19:14) from Red Matrix
19:15:46 up 814 days, 3:10, 1 user, load average: 0.11, 0.16, 0.17time for a CPU, RAM and OS upgrade
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-02 12:12:09) from Red Matrix
Processing LHC Data

YouTube: Processing LHC Data (CERN)
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-10-02 11:54:43) from Red Matrix
Gibt es eigentlich keine Spielplätze in Köln? Letzten Sonntag mehrere Stunden durch die Stadt geirrt und keine einzige Spielmöglichkeit für die Kleinen gefunden die nicht erst zweckentfremdet werden mussten.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-30 15:58:26) from Red Matrix
Why you should use document.readyState
Stevesouders: Onload in Onload | High Performance Web Sites
I asked several web devs what happens if an onload handler adds another onload handler. Does the second onload handler execute? The onload event has already fired, so it might be too late for the second onload to get triggered. On the other hand, the onload phase isn’t over (we’re between loadEventStart and loadEventEnd in Navigation Timing ter...
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-30 10:07:37) from Red Matrix
Who likes the client side?
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-25 07:05:54) from Red Matrix
Piwik 2.7.0 - "scary new features release"
Piwik: Piwik 2.7.0 - Analytics Platform - Piwik
Explore our business offer Piwik 2.7.0 is a new major release of Piwik! In this release we have packed several major new features and many small improvements. The new features in this release are: User ID, New Pivot Table feature for Events reports, new plugin to count users visiting several of your websites, new Content Tracking plugin, new Browse...
User-ID, cross websites reporting, ContentTracking, PSR-4 o_O
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-24 20:55:35) from Red Matrix
Byebye Veewee hello Packer: Packer

Packer is a free and open source tool for creating golden images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration.
Quite powerful tool to create automated virtual images for #Vagrant, #Docker and other platforms.
Using btrfs for such images seems not to be a good idea. The same configuration just different filesystems: xfs 400MB, btrfs 600MB image size. o_O
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-23 22:26:16) from Red Matrix
He's the Javatar

YouTube: JavaZone 2013: Javapocalypse (JavaZone Norway)

Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-23 21:39:34) from Red Matrix
Spiegel: DER SPIEGEL 29/1978 - Das ist doch wahrlich schwarzer Humor

An der deutschen Politk scheint sich nicht allzu viel geändert zu haben.
SPIEGEL: Sie halten nichts von dem Prinzip der Bonner Regierung, keine Waffen in Spannungsgebiete zu liefern?
STRAUSS: Dies ist auch so eine der oberflächlichen Kitschformeln, die nicht dadurch besser wird, daß sie schon von CDU/CSU-Regierungen vorfabriziert worden ist. Ich verstehe überhaupt nicht, was Waffen in Nicht-Spannungsgebieten verloren haben. Wenn Menschen verzweifelte Angst haben, Opfer einer Invasion zu werden, haben sie Anspruch darauf, nicht im Stich gelassen zu werden.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-22 20:56:02) from Red Matrix
"Wir bauen für die Ewigkeit"
Heise: Breitband: "Wir bauen für die Ewigkeit"

Man könne die gründliche Konstruktion von Datenautobahnen hierzulande nicht mit dem Hochziehen von Datenleitungen in Südkorea vergleichen, meint die Verkehrsstaatssekretärin Dorothee Bär. Das brauche seine Zeit.
Ich wusste gar nicht, dass die Ewigkeit eine so kurze Halbwertszeit hat. :facepalm
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-22 20:32:50) from Red Matrix
pur oder als Mix?
Das ist eine offizielle Seite der Landesregierung? #WTF :headbang :headbang :headbang

Nrw: Schulmilch - pur oder als Mix

In enger Kooperation mit dem Schulministerium NRW gesunde ernährung natürlich in unserer schule Häufig kommt die Frage auf, ob Milchmischgetränke (wie Kakao oder Erdbeermilch) durch ihren Zuckergehalt Übergewicht und Fehlernährung begünstigen. Für Schulmilchbezug:Ihr Ansprechpartner im Landesamt für Natur Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz (LANU...
Milchmischgetränke bieten geschmackliche Abwechslung und können so dazu beitragen, dass Kinder generell an eine gesunde Ernährung mit Milch und Milchprodukten herangeführt werden. Die über die Milch reichlich gelieferten Nährstoffe Calcium und Eiweiß sind besonders wichtig während des Wachstums. Die Realität zeigt, dass nur etwa 10% der Kinder regelmäßig die Milch pur trinken und rund 90% den Milchmischgetränken den Vorzug geben.
Und wieso hat eine Packung der Mixgetränke schon eine Tagesportion Zucker für ein Kind?
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-21 17:35:59) from Red Matrix
Hopefully I will make it next year there. The reports about it were very impressive.

Robodonien: robodonien - Roboter-Kunst-Festival in Köln

robodonien - robotik-festival in odonien
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-21 16:47:29) from Red Matrix
It's soon getting dark again, but here are some picks from this morning:

This morning was such uncomfortable weather I had no interest to go to the bakery and made my own rolls. They looked already better and also the skin was bit to thick this time, but they tasted great with butter and self made cherry jam.
#foodporn :drool
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-21 12:17:08) from Red Matrix
Abc: Indonesian student faces hearing over social media post

An Indonesian student, who could be jailed for a social media post, faces a hearing at her university.
What? A country that is so crazy about all these social networking platforms and using it so heavily and then this message should be criminal? o_O
She then sent friends the group message on the social networking application Path saying: "Jogja is poor, stupid and uncultured. Friends in Jakarta and Bandung, please don't stay in Jogja."
Responding to complaints from offended residents, Yogyakarta police then arrested Ms Sihombing for allegedly breaching the Criminal Code and the 2008 Electronic Transactions and Information Law (ITE), inciting hatred and defamation.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-21 09:55:43) from Red Matrix
Aber das sind doch nur Metadaten
Sehr lesenswert!
Oliver wrote the following post:
Netzpolitik: Metadaten: Wie dein unschuldiges Smartphone fast dein ganzes Leben an den Geheimdienst übermittelt (Gastbeitrag)

Geheimdienste sammeln Metadaten über die Kommunikation aller Bürger. Die Politiker wollen uns glauben machen, dass diese Daten nicht allzu viel aussagen. Ein Niederländer hat das überprüft und das Gegenteil demonstriert: Metadaten verraten viel mehr über dein Leben, als du denkst. Dieser Gastbeitrag von Dimitri Tokmetzis erschien zunächst im niederländischen Original auf decorrespondent.nl. ...
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-21 09:02:48) from Red Matrix
Abc: Barbecue invitation failed to tempt Indonesia's next president

George Roberts reminisces about his failed attempts to secure an interview with Indonesia's next president.
Klaus Weidenbach
4 months ago (2014-09-20 22:48:02) from Red Matrix
German arms industry threatens to shift production
Dw: German arms industry threatens to shift production | News | DW.DE | 20.09.2014

A top representative of Germany's arms industry says production may have to be moved abroad in the face of dwindling domestic sales and export restrictions. Thousands of jobs could be at risk.
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